09 Jun

New Track Teasers Online

Uploaded quite a few new track teasers – more will come.
I`ll try to link teasers for all my tracks since 2009 – so actually from every album/single/ep i ever released officially 🙂 …

Maybe there`s something for you.


05 Jan

Looking for a vocal artist – interested?

I`m looking for a skilled vocal artist(s) for both projects.
If you are interested in collaboration i`d really be happy if you`d contact me.

No matter for which project – maybe even something completely new.

If you`re from Germany – preferably the Rhein-Neckar-Region it would be great. But any other location will do as well. Also if you`re male or female doesn`t really matter as long as you can sing and have fun with it.

Looking forward to hear from you …


04 Jan

Go-Live of the official Blooma Seven Page!

Hey there,

today finally my face to the world within the web goes live.
I hope you enjoy your stay – feel free to drop me any comments.

For the moment i`ll keep it simple as my time is quite limited 😉 …

Cheers and a Happy 2015 to everyone!