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My Tracks for Hans Zimmer`s “Bleeding Fingers” Contest:

Unfortunately i didn`t win 😛 … but that`s ok … nevertheless i love those three.
These have been created by me by own creations and from stem files supplied from Hans Zimmer / Bleeding Fingers and are their property.

Hans Zimmer is by far the best cinematic music composer i`ve ever heard – just awesome … Pirates of the Carribean, Gladiator, Batman, Inception – just Genius. I really love his compositions.

So they can be enjoyed here but can`t be bought.

# # # # #

This is a piece i created somewhere in 2011 i think as a first try to orchestral music – it`s ok in respect to my possibilities … but far away from the real thing:

      1. Movie


Unfortunately i had to downcompress it to 96 Kbps – so the quality is suffering a little.